Michelin X Incity Grip D

Commercial Truck/Bus. Urban Drive Position Radial Medium Truck Tire. 3PMSF Symbol and M&S Rated.


  • Extra wide tread and wide open shoulder grooves
  • Next-generation application specific compounds
  • Matrix siping providing interlocking action
  • Improved casing protection and casing fatigue resistance
  • Extra thick sidewalls
  • Full width elastic protector ply
  • Sidewall wear indicators
  • Extended metallic chafer
  • Zigzag groove walls


  • Exceptional handling, traction and stability
  • Long tread life for exceptional mileage
  • Offers excellent traction and even wear
  • For extended casing life
  • Protect against shocks, impacts and curb scrub
  • Helps protect the working plies from bruising and penetrations
  • Promote timely tire rotation for long casing life and enhanced retreadability
  • Dissipates heat in bead area
  • Provide optimized biting edges and excellent water and snow evacuation


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